abstract 2 - Experiment #2 Technical Abstract Bevo is Dead...

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Experiment #2 Technical Abstract Bevo is Dead Introduction Bevo died of asphyxiation, appearing to be due to nitrate poisoning. The nitrate anion converts to nitrate and ultimately NH 4 + in cattle. Although the ammonium ion is used as a metabolic building block, nitrite enters the blood and results in asphyxiation caused by nitrate poisoning. Therefore, although nitrate itself doesn’t cause disease or death, the concentration of the nitrate anion increases the degree of toxicity. Common sources of the nitrate anion are sorghum, weeds, plant stress, contaminated feed, contaminated groundwater from nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and decomposing matter including manure. The goal of this experiment is to determine the source of nitrate poisoning using samples collected from the possible contaminated sites. Materials and Methods 2 droppers Volumetric Flasks Pipettes and Bulbs 1 - 50 mL Beaker Test Tubes Graduated Cylinders Test Strips Volumetric flasks were used to prepare the dilutions and test tubes were used to store the dilutions after they were prepared. The beaker was used for excess solution. Two methods were used in the experiment to measure nitrate concentration. First a serial dilution of potassium nitrate was prepared. By then adding diphenylamine, the nitrate ion concentration was determined by the resulting color. Diphenylamine was
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abstract 2 - Experiment #2 Technical Abstract Bevo is Dead...

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