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Technical Abstract

Technical Abstract - Technical Abstract Experiment#1...

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Technical Abstract Experiment #1 – Colligative Properties, or Why Doesn’t That Fish Freeze to Death? Introduction Cold-tolerant fish survive the freezing waters in which they like that would freeze and kill most other animals. This is due to freezing point depression which is a colligative property (a physical property that depends on the number of solute particles in the solution). The goal of this experiment is to determine the identity of an unknown solute by using the concept of freezing point depression. Materials and Methods An apparatus was assembled to easily submerge the vial in an ice bath while recording temperature and stirring all along. In Trial #1 the freezing point of water was determined by recording time and temperature. In Trials #2and #3 the freezing point of an unknown solute dissolved in water was determined in the same manner. The depression in the freezing point was used to determine the molality of the solution, the moles of solute present, and finally the molar mass of the solute.
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