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Technical Abstract

Technical Abstract - Technical Abstract Experiment#2 Metals...

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Technical Abstract Experiment #2 – Metals and the Environment: An Introduction to the chemistry of Transition Metals and Paper Chromatography Introduction Society’s heavy reliance on metal processing leads to the accumulation of pollutants in soils; the risks posed by these pollutants can be assessed by determining the mobility and bioavailability of the metals. The mobility of a metal cation can be determined by a technique called paper chromatography. The goal of this experiment is to determine the effect of acidity on metal mobility using Zn 2+ , Co 2+ , Cu 2+ , Fe 3+ , and Ni 2+ . Materials and Methods A spot test (in which the solutions were treated with HCl, NH 4 OH, and dimethylglyoxime) was used to yield results that were compared to a given chart to determine the identities of the five given solutions. The technique of paper chromatography was used to find the retention factors of Zn 2+ , Co 2+ , Cu 2+ , Fe 3+ , and Ni 2+ in order to determine the components of an unknown solution, using two solvents with different acidities.
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