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Technical Abstract - Technical Abstract Experiment #6...

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Technical Abstract Experiment #6 – Salinity in the San Antonio Bay: Chloride Ion Concentration Determination through a Precipitation Titration Introduction The biological health of the Texas coastline impacts the lives of Texans and the economy of the state. The salinity (the chloride ion concentration) of water affects natural habitats and the drinking water supply. The goal of this experiment is to develop a working model of the salinity profile of the bay by using argentometric titrations to determine the salinity of different parts of the San Antonio Bay in rainy months and dry months. Materials and Methods First, a blank titration was conducted to determine the correction factor for the amount of additional silver ion required to see the silver chromate precipitation for the rest of the experiment: 10 drops of CaCO 3 , 1 drop of K 2 CrO 4 , and 10 mL of water was titrated with AgNO 3 until an orange color persisted. Then, a standardization of silver nitrate was performed by titrating 10 mL NaCl, 10 drops
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Technical Abstract - Technical Abstract Experiment #6...

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