Physics Ch 9 notes

Physics Ch 9 notes - • F = m v 2 r F = net force m = mass...

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Physics 201 Chapter 9 Notes o Uniform circular motion o Motion in a circle with constant speed o Velocity changes! o Instantaneous velocity always tangent to the circle o Period: Time to complete one revolution T = 2 π r T=period, v=speed, r=radius V o Centripetal acceleration o a c = v 2 /r o Acceleration due to change in direction in circular motion o In uniform circular motion, accelration has constant magnitude and points toward center Forces and centripetal acceleration
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Unformatted text preview: • F = m ( v 2 / r) F = net force, m = mass o Force causes circular motion o Directed toward center o Any force can be centripetal Loop-DA-Loop Ignore friction and only consider gravitational force (points down) and normal force on toy from track (toward center). Minimum speed at top of loop: mg = m( v 2 /r) v = √ rg m-mass, v-speed, r-radius, g-acceleration due to gravity...
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