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Chemistry 300L Fall 2008 ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY ( Version 8.24.08 ) Instructors Prof. Thomas C. Flood Office: Stabler Hall (LJS) 250; Phone: (213) 740-7006; Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday 4:00-5:00 and Wednesday 4:30-5:30, and by appointment Teaching Assistants Office hours to be announced Anatoy Dryga [email protected] Nan Shao [email protected] Alejandra Aviles [email protected] Michelle Norako [email protected] Course Web Site : Textbook : Quantitative Chemical Analysis , 7 th Edition , by Daniel C. Harris, W. H. Freeman and Co., 2006, ISBN: 0-7167-7041-5. Harris is a well-organized book and we will follow it closely for most of the course, although the chapters will be covered out of order. If you master this book, you will master the course. The Solutions Manual for Quantitative Chemical Analysis 7 th Ed. (ISBN 0-7167-7260-4) is helpful and it’s purchase is strongly recommended (or share a copy with friends). The book also has an associated web site at . Web- quizzes and other “goodies” will be found at this web site. You are encouraged to use these resources. Reading Assignments : Lectures are designed to help you understand the material presented in the textbook. To get the most out of lecture one should always read the appropriate sections before they are discussed in class. A tentative schedule of lecture topics is given below and will be posted on the course website. You should read the first five chapters (Ch. 0-4) in Harris right away. We will go through this introductory material quickly. Harris has over 650 pages, and some decisions have been made regarding the scope of a one-semester course. In the interests of the biochemistry curriculum and to modernize the course, we have kept coverage of traditional methodology limited to about one-third of the semester and have given spectroscopy and chromatography (instrumental analysis) more emphasis. Chapters to be covered and their order of discussion are listed on pages 4 and 5 of this Syllabus . In addition, handouts will be given out on Fourier transform NMR spectroscopy. This scope requires covering one chapter in one or two lectures for most of the semester . Fortunately, the chapters are short and readable, and have lots of examples. The book is well suited to this pace. Homework Assignments : Homework assignments consisting of Exercises and/or Problems assigned for each chapter will be posted on the course website. These will not be collected or graded, but you must do them promptly to stay on track in CHEM 300.
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Chemistry 300L Analytical Chemistry page 2 Spring 2008 CHEM 300 requires working a lot of numerical problems, particularly in chapters 1-12. This is one of those facts of life; it is the same in similar courses at other universities.
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Chem300Syllabus - Chemistry 300L Fall 2008 ANALYTICAL...

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