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P6.03 - CRAMSTEREOM fifggghag ”Er-9:9 51am{am Problem...

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Unformatted text preview: CRAMSTEREOM fifggghag: ”Er-9:9: 51am {am Problem some. - I'll-Bra. Chapter 6. Problem 3F 1-11 451] II: Step 1 Firahthnmwfiunthrmathmdflmufl bi: dntnmincd. Eli, =IJI; -F_. + E- -450= u it; =P;,—45D EMJ 0- 450(31.5j—{?.5}Rc :0 a; = I aim 1b 1-; mam—450 r =L-1401I: 9? Copyrinl'n. Ellflfl Cramtar. Inc. AI RUIN mam WBTME‘IELGDITI Page 1 Ufa CRAMSTERmME' fifggghag;:mrw:=51mm: Problem Entered. - I'll-Em. Chapter 6. Problem 3F New that the reeetimts are knew. the forces in the members ear: he determined. First. we Iwill examine-item B. 45H 1h RAH} HBC] -D'.'l ‘15:]- FE. :in{12_152]= e +‘=—Hmm K" This meant: that the Feree in member BC is 1 ”tilt. in eempreeeion. Fm +{139D]cm[22.51] = Et if“ = 103'} Eh Thie means that the Fete-e in member AB is IEIEI] IE3. in tmeien. Step 4 “there is me more mutter that must he stewed I‘m: so we will leek It nnetherjainL This time we shall ettnminejetitrt .Ft: lit-4!} 1b HEB] E = 53.13 Ft'ACft Shep 5 ijl'l'inl't'l. EDBE Crarneter. |I'tt:. AI Fitfl'tta reeewed wflrametemem Page 2 :th ‘Jectnr Mechanics fur Engineers: Statics {8th} by Johnston. Eisenberg. Beer Chapter 5. Fruhlern 3P CRAMSTEEEOMM thhm Hillvm] . —{l«1»m'}—1-fl 5111(53. 13} _I:r — 43m 111 This» menu; [hm 111E J'n-rce 'In men'her M", is 1330 lb in cmnpressiml. Step 6 Copyright, EDGE Cramster. Inc. All Rights I'E'EEI'H'EH Wflramstemnm It: .- L' IL' '0 (I.- ...
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