GER412 WA3.05 Homeostasis.Resp System

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GER-412-OL-009 Oxygen intake is required by our body cells and the waste product of the gas exchange needs to be expelled at a balanced rate just right for our system. At times, the level of CO2 may be displaced at a rate slower than O2 intake because some carbon dioxide is used as a blood buffer. The nervous system is controlled by feedback systems which regulate the diffusion process. These systems not only control the balance in the process of ventilation but also
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Unformatted text preview: other activities that are contributing to the acid/base balancing, such as energy (ATP) conversion. Interestingly, there is a maximum level at which the body can process O2 into blood and CO2 exiting via the lungs. This level sets limitations in our amounts of attainable physical activity....
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