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GER-412-OL-009 Briefly describe each of the sub-functions of the circulatory system and then discuss how they interact to maintain homeostasis. The transport system of the circulatory system works better than our own UPS, it transports everything, even hazardous materials. Anything from oxygen, water, nutrients, drugs and waste are carried around the body. The system also assists in getting needed items that are produced in one area of the body to another, such as with the production of our sex hormones. This complex delivery system helps maintain balance by getting items to their needed destinations and consuming and carrying away items where concentrations of substances may be at high level. For areas that cannot keep themselves under proper temperature regulation our circulatory system will come to its aid by distributing heat from a heat-producing site to this area. For example, if you have poor circulation you may have cold feet quite often. Temperature control makes sure that overheating out of our ideal range of 98.7 does not
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