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GER-412-OL-009 Choose 3 components and in a one-page document write about the effects of aging on them. Conjuctiva: Entering light into the eye will be slightly disorganized and scattered as the smoothness of this membrane decreases. The transparency of the membrane will also depreciate which means some of the entering light could be absorbed or blocked. There is also a decline in the amount of fluid secreted to keep the conjuctiva moist, therefore irritation and inflammation will result requiring the use of artificial tears. Iris & Pupil: Dilation of the pupil will be effected when the number of the muscle cells controlling the action decreases along with the strength to do so. Rate will be me most affected when changing from bright to dim light sources which will slow the processing time in forming images. The thickness and stiffness of the collagen fibers will also be
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Unformatted text preview: increasing. Vitreous Humor: With age, the chemistry of the vitreous humor will change so that its form will become more transparent that causes a scattering of light. Little dark or transparent flecks are larger areas of this transparent to opaque transformation that have become large enough to be seen in our field of view. Physicians refer to these as “floaters”. As we age the vitreous humor shrinks and eventually pulls away from the retinas normal position. Tearing away from the retina surface breaks retinal blood vessels. “Flashers” are light streaks that can be seen in the field of vision especially when moving the eye around quickly. If the flashers increase, the retina has most likely detached and needs immediate attention otherwise blindness could occur. Sources: Digiovanna, A., (2000). Human Aging . Boston: McGraw Hill Companies...
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