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1. Discuss some possible causes of the worldwide increase in incidence of melanoma. One of the reasons for the increase is the use of fluorocarbons used for personal and manufacturing uses that eventually depleted our ozone layer. As wavelength range increases, UV-B radiation will affect the superficial layers of the skin tissue and contribute to melanoma incidences. World population increases in African-Americans and those living in the primary melanoma states in the US (TX-FL-CA) continues to rise and incidence will also. Occupational hazards have a play. Those who have careers working outside (landscaping, construction, farming) and pilots who may be exposed to ionizing radiation add to the incidence. Our dress habits have changed over the years as well. In the past it was fashionable by both men and women to wear hats. Today women do not wear hats and scalp melanoma has risen. Fashion has also played a role in tanning salons for women to have that “sun-kissed” look. Those with suppressed immune systems
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