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Extra problems for additional credit. 1. Derive the formula for the mean and standard deviation of a discrete uniform random variable over the range of integers a,a + 1 ,...,b . 2. A bearing assembly contains 10 bearings. The bearing diameters are assumed to be independent and normally distributed with a mean of 1.5 mm and a standard deviation of 0.025 mm. What is the probability that the
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Unformatted text preview: maximum diameter bearing assembly exceeds 1.6 mm? 3. Suppose that X 1 ,X 2 ,...,X n is a random sample from a continuous probability distribution with median . a) Show that P { min( X i ) < < max( X i ) } = 1- 1 2 n-1 . b) Write down an 100(1- ) condence interval for the median where = 1 2 n-1 . 1...
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