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X26 ASSIGNMENT 2 - X26 ASSIGNMENT 2 1 Tumors undergo many...

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X26 ASSIGNMENT 2 1. Tumors undergo many changes over time and blood results may not always be accurate. Verbal history from a patient may also be inaccurate and unreliable. A malignant tumor has habits where it sometimes masks itself as a benign lump and has visceral involvement that is not detected during external physical exams. Imaging cannot always distinguish different pathologic conditions. Therefore the most accurate method of diagnosis is to have tissue from the mass removed and graded by a pathologist. 2. The PCP will perform an external physical exam, take background information on patient and family history, order ancillary tests such as blood work, mammogram, biopsy or FNA and will generate a History & Physical with an initial diagnosis. He/She will then coordinate a referral with a surgical specialist to perform a biopsy or FNA if needed. The surgeon performs the biopsy or FNA alongside a cytopathologist, who prepares the slides needed for analysis. A pathologist will analyze the tissue and make the final diagnosis. Surgery will be performed if
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