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Assignment 4 1. The 25-year old should aim at preventing the development of colon cancer. Colon cancer in this age group is very uncommon. Prevention basically means a high-bulk diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The goal is to decrease intestinal transit time. The 50-year old should continue the preventative diet and aim at the early detection of colon cancer since this tumor is now common in this age group. Early detection is the goal of FOBT and sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is better than sigmoidoscopy for colon cancer screening since the former examines the entire colon. However, the former is more expensive, time consuming, requires a gastroenterologist, is slightly more risky (i.e., colon perforation), and is usually done under conscious sedation. Sigmoidoscopy can be done in the office by trained family physicians and does not require IV anesthesia. 2. FOBT is a very easy, inexpensive, and noninvasive test. However, the predictive value of the positive test (posterior probability if test is positive, e.g., the percentage of
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