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Huynh, Anne June 30, 2008 Vinh Dang Kieu Tri Ben Lee Tania Gomez Projectile Motion Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to study and predict the course of the motion of a projectile. We did so using mainly a projectile launcher with a nylon ball which demonstrated projectile motion. The objective was to validate that the forces of an object in free fall has two dimensions which can be predicted by treating the motion as two separate motions. For each motion, horizontal and vertical, we found the velocity of the component and later used our calculations in order to fire the launcher and hopefully get it though the center of a hoop. Summary: Even though we were asked to fire the projectile about five times, each time the ball landed in relatively same spots on the carbon paper which demonstrated that the launcher was fairly precise. We calculated distance, acceleration, velocity and time for the y-motion and distance and velocity for the x-motion. In part II of the lab we found the highest point in the
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