2] Straight-Line Kinetics

2] Straight-Line Kinetics - Huynh Anne Vinh Dang Kieu Tri...

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Huynh, Anne June 25, 2008 Vinh Dang Kieu Tri Ben Lee Tania Gomez Straight-line Kinematics Purpose: This lab was mainly about learning details about the connections between position, time, velocity and acceleration. By being in control of the movement of the object in the experiment, it allowed a more hands-on experience. This made visualizing what was taking place a lot clearer. A large part of this lab included the two graphs that we completed, which showed us the relationship between distance vs. time and instantaneous velocity vs. time. Summary: In this lab, a glider is set up on a tilted air track, with the initial position at the top of the incline. The air track was set to a height of 10cm and the distance between the two points of support was 1.0m. Our predictions before actually attempting the lab were that; if the track is horizontal then glider will not accelerate, if the track is vertical then the glider will fall freely with an acceleration of 9.8 meters per second squared, and lastly if the track in inclined, the
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