4] Newton's Law

4] Newton's Law - the actual and calculated forces here...

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Huynh, Anne July 3, 2008 Partners: Vinh Dang, Ben Lee, Tania Gomez Newton’s 2 nd Law On An Airtrack Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to show the relationship between force and intertia to the acceleration of an object. The concept we focused on was Newton’s Second Law. Summary: Avg. Exp. Acceleration (m/s2) Avg. Theoret. Acceleration (m/s2) Actual Force (N) Calculated Force (N) 0.2448 0.2491 0.0662 0.061 Here we have the average accelerations from our experiment and from our own calculations. They were acquired using different formulas for acceleration which is shown in the calculation portion of the lab. The percent error between the average accelerations is 1.726%. We also have
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Unformatted text preview: the actual and calculated forces here which are also relatively close. From looking at the graph, we were able to get a clear view that Newtons 2 nd law states that net force acting on an object of mass causes the object to undergo an equation: the sum of the forces equals mass times acceleration. Experimental Errors: Some errors may have occurred with the glider and the hanging masses, such as imbalance in the setup or inaccurate weighing on the electronic balance. Some minor errors could have resulted from rounding off as well. As stated above, our percent error for acceleration when the net force on the glider is constant is 1.726%....
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