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Study Guide Ch 4 to 6 Words in bold are terms that you may easily confuse with other terms. It does not mean that the idea is more important, just that it can be confused with other things. Also this review sheet is not meant to be all encompassing. It covers most of the stuff, but not all of it. Ch 4 1. Nonverbal behavior A. Nonverbal communication B. Facial expression of emotion i. Darwin C. Mulitchannel Nonverbal communication i. Social interpretations task D. Gender differences i. Social role theory 2. Implicit Personality Theories: filling in the blanks A. What is an implicit personality theory? B. Causal attribution – answering the “why” question i. Attribution theory a. Internal attributions b. External attributions ii. Kelly’s covariation model – know the 3 parts! a. Consensus b. Distinctiveness
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Consistency iii. Fundamental attribution error (FAE) a. Castro study b. Role of perceptual salience (study in Figure 4.5) c. Is a two step process (a) Automatically make the attribution (b) Take into account alternative possibilities if have motivation, capacity, etc. d. Spotlight effect iv. Actor Observer difference – different from fundamental attribution error in that it adds the aspect that we make situational attributions about ourselves. a. Do NOT learn study in Figure 4.10 b. Know reasons outlined in class for why more likely to make situation attributions about self and internal for others (a) Self-serving attributions (b) Defensive attributions (c) Unrealistic optimism (d) Belief in a just world c. Role of culture in lessening the FAE (a) Basically, the difference is in sensitivity to situational factors. 3. How accurate are our attributions? Ch5
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Study_Guide_Ch_4_to_6 - Study Guide Ch 4 to 6 Words in bold...

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