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HW5B - should be accurately labelled and cover the full...

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Assignment 5B Due Thursday, June 8 Physics U603 Summer 1 2006 1. Hecht, Ch. 4: 4; Ch. 7: 22, 29 2. Derive the expression given in Hecht 7: 29 from Eq. 4.81. 3. The fi le mysterymetal.txt contains real and imaginary parts of the complex index of refraction as a function of vacuum wavelength λ 0 for an unknown metal. (These data were obtained from the website www.luxpop.com) (a) Calculate and plot the re fl ectance as a function of λ 0 . Your plot
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Unformatted text preview: should be accurately labelled and cover the full wavelength range of the data provided. (b) From your plot, estimate the plasma frequency ω p . (c) Calculate and plot the skin depth as a function of λ . (d) You are now told that this is one of the coinage metals (copper, silver, gold). Explain which of these possibilities is consistent with the optical properties that you have plotted. 1...
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