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Looking for a home. You are single parent who needs to rent an apartment or house for your family. Talk to a real estate agent about the ideal home for you. Discuss your family (how many children you have, what their personalities are like, what activities you do as a family, etc). Decide on the type of home that you need. Where is it located, how many rooms will it have, and what should the neighborhood be like? The date: You and a friend are having a conversation about a date you are going on tonight. You are really excited and nervous and your friend is very curious about what your date is like. Develop a conversation about this and your plans for the date. In the travel agency. You want to make a trip, so you go to the local travel agency. You and the travel agent talk about what you plan to do. Make arrangements for transportation and lodging. Ask questions about restaurants, tourist sites and activities. Then, you and the travel agent will discuss and calculate costs and you will pay him/her.
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