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Wound Healing - b Among the effects of aging are i Loss of...

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1. Wound Healing: In an epidermal wound, the central portion of the wound usually extends deep down to the dermis a. Deep wounds retain fibrous connective tissues in the dermis & epidermis b. Hypertrophic scarring c. Keloid- (puffy, over growth of scars-Ashley) 2. Photo damage: UV rays cause photo damage to the DNA of epidermal cells, as well as to the elastin and collagen of the dermis. a. Other effects of UV rays i. Increased risk for skin cancer ii. Suppression of the immune system iii. Cataracts 3. Aging and the Integumentary System a. Most effects of aging begin to occur when an individual reaches the late forties
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Unformatted text preview: b. Among the effects of aging are i. Loss of elastin ii. Loss of subcutaneous fat (thinning) iii. Atrophy of sebaceous glands (brittle hair results) iv. Decrease in number of meanocytes and langerhan cells 4. Burns a. First degree involve only the epidermis b. 2 nd degree destroys the epidermis and part of the dermis i. Blisters c. 3 rd degree destroys epidermis, dermis, and epidermal derivatives i. Skin grafts, polymers ii. Risks: fluid lost and infections d. Rule of 9’s:...
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