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Econ Syllabus - Econ 51D Principles of Macroeconomics Duke...

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Unformatted text preview: Econ 51D: Principles of Macroeconomics Duke University Fall 2008 Instructor: Dr. Lori Leachman Email : [email protected] Phone: 660-6894 Office and office hours: 329F, SS; MW 2-3:30pm, Tu 11-1pm Teaching Assistants: [email protected] [email protected] Helpline for general questions at [email protected] Text: Economics 8 th or 7 th ed., W. Parkin, Pearson/Addison Wesley. The Wall Street Journal package . Where Does the Money Go? Bittle and Johnson Readings listed below that are drawn from outside sources are available on Blackboard at http:// Course Objective: This course provides an introduction to economics concepts and issues. It will introduce the student to the terminology and methodology of the economist and use the concepts and tools to explore a variety of topics that are of concern to economists and policy makers. Specifically, we will be interested in the relationship between the production function, output and various cost curves, how prices are determined, the incidence of taxation, how the entire economy operates and the role of government in fostering an environment in which prices are stable, unemployment is low and the economy is growing. We will relate these last 3 objectives to the business cycle, macro-policy initiatives and, where appropriate, to various economic models and biases. We will also explore the basis of and benefits from trade and the determination of the exchange rate. The entire course is built around the development and usage of demand and supply analysis in order to address a variety of issues that are important to economists, policy makers and the average citizen. Guiding my development of the course in both structure and content is the over-arching goal of enabling a student who successfully completes the course to be able to read a newspaper and understand the basics of the economic debate and dilemma under discussion. Weekly (except Nov 12 and 26) lunches with members of the class will be held on Wednesday starting Sept. 3. We will be meeting at 12 at the Faculty Commons (above Chick-filet). Students may sign up through the Black Board course site under Course Information section where sign up page link is posted. I have also scheduled 3 dinners in order to create the opportunity for students that have class during the regular lunch time to have an informal opportunity to dine with me. Those dates are Sept 8, Oct. 21 and Nov 12. Please try to leave those slots open for students who have legitimate conflicts with the Wed day and time. Class meets from 10:05-11:20 on MW and FRIDAY in Griffith Auditorium. Discussion sections meet in their scheduled places and are used for office hours and extra help with concepts and problems....
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This note was uploaded on 08/26/2008 for the course ECON 51 taught by Professor Leachman during the Spring '08 term at Duke.

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Econ Syllabus - Econ 51D Principles of Macroeconomics Duke...

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