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READING GUIDE FOR TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS “EXPEDITIONS OF AN UNTIMELY MAN: The End of Metaphysics and Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Affirmation I. “Untimeliness”: I have come to soon… A. George Eliot’s Feuerbachian complacency (5) 1. Christianity as a system 2. Morality/the “human” falls with God a. Enter the physician (36) b. Darwin’s error (14) B. Artist’s aesthetics (8-11, 24, What I Owe to the Ancients) 1. Frenzy and power: form-engendering force 2. Dionysian and Apollonian forces
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Possibility of a higher beauty 4. Art as “great stimulus of life C. The pathos of distance (37, 38, 48) 1. Noble self-protection from the “many,” the masses, the common 2. “aristocratic radicalism” and warriors II. Yes-saying and Love of Life A. Goethe and amor fati [love of fate] (49) B. Dionysus and excess of force, overflowing power and pleasure, faith that suffering is birth-giving (What I Owe to the Ancients) C. Eternal Recurrence ( Gay Science 341)...
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