040908 - RUSSIA 4/9/08 – – – – – – – Ruled by...

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RUSSIA 4/9/08 Ruled by Tzars until 20s Russian society behind the times, but still changing into 20 th century Urbanizing Intellectualizing Government still 19 th C government Riots, strikes to change government Tsar made a few concessions but wanted to stay in power Russia in World War I – tsar thought nationalism would help reunite people Soldiers sent without weapons, conscripted peasants, badly trained Completely routed by Germans Huge casualties, soldiers deserted Shortages/famines/inflation on home front social unrest 1914-1916 Lenin (Marxist) Marx appealed to overworked labor – proletariat makes revolution happen In practice Marxism couldn’t really apply in Russia (thought communism could only happen once society had been through capitalism Communist ideology not about states/nations but universalist – about class Lenin called for new Utopian order different from Europe (echoes Wilson’s idealism)
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040908 - RUSSIA 4/9/08 – – – – – – – Ruled by...

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