050208 - The Challenge of Postwar Development Three...

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5/2/08 - The Challenge of Postwar Development: Three Paradigms Wolfram Latsch, J SIS The Development Challenge Timeline: 1947 – independence of India 1957-1980 African independence Challenges: - Industrialization, growth, poverty, reduction, modernization Third World Historical Context: - Great Depression o Collapse of faith in free markets/capitalism o government involvement in economy - Soviet industrialization o Five-Year Plans (13 of them, 1929-1995) Complete centralization – try to think of this without 20/20 hindsight o Industrialization, massive capital investments, state ownership of “means of production”, collectivization of agriculture o Dragged agricultural, underdeveloped country into industrialization Catch up with west and also demonstrate superior organization of economy o Very influential in 3 rd World post 1947 - War economies and economic planning o World War II US turned into a planned economy – tanks, planes, etc.
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o Growth spurts in World War II due to West adopting planning. SO:
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050208 - The Challenge of Postwar Development Three...

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