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051908-1 - What's a failed state Opposite of strong state...

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What’s a failed state? - Opposite of strong state - Boutros Boutros-Ghali def.  Indicators  (foreign policy magazine) - Social o Demographic pressures = Population, unemployment - Economic - Political Why should we care about failed states? - Failed states tend to get involved in wars or collapse because of them - Civil war spillover o Opportunity for Plunder of natural resources - Refugees o Change demographic balances o Caring for them - Disease/AIDS, famine o Collapse of infrastructure kills healthcare/sanitation, etc - Illicit activity o Trafficking/smuggling – drugs, arms, people  - Terrorism o No government   camp for terrorist training  (Afghanistan  - Al Qaeda) o Safe harbor
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o Al Q in Afghanistan and Africa Why States Fail 1: Emergence of “new” identities - 19 th  & 20 th  c conflicts involved states - “New” identities (not ideologies) o Subnational tribes o Supernational Religion 
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