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053008 - 5/30 Mission Accomplished 9/11 international...

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5/30 – Mission Accomplished 9/11 & international system - End of post Cold War era - Non-state actors debut o Al Qaeda – asymmetric warfare - Strike against imperialism/bully by smaller group - Enabled radical attempt at US-dominated order o Probably dead now? - Enabled Iraq invasion Bush’s agenda - Was closing off – not participating in treatments - Global war on terror - National security strategy Bush’s speech: Frames things in binary terms “fear/freedom”, “with us or with the terrorists” Then invokes God as being on “our” side Interestingly, this endorses bin Laden’s binary view of the world, on opposite sides. What does “war on terror” mean? - Sacrifices of resources, people (including vigilance at home – leading to limitations of certain civic freedoms)
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- Debate about how to name the enemy (war has beginning/end vs. struggle, which goes on) - Other terms: Islamofascism, etc. o “fascism” known for being negative o But: fascism is a state thing, but these are non-state actors o Criticism: who is this referring to?
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