043008-Heidegger 2 - D Non-relational quality of one’s ownmost potentiality for being E Angst as attunement to being-toward-death 1 vs

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The Existential Constitution of Dasein, Being-Toward-Death, and Conscience I. Dasein as Care A. Thrownness (facticity), projection (existence), and falling prey (to “the they”) B. Constant unfinished quality; no “completion” or fulfillment 1. not like the moon 2. not like fruit II. Death as One’s Ownmost Possibility for Being A. Death as always one’s own ; no substitution B. Death as becoming what Dasein is not yet; Dasein is its “not yet,” the impossibility of its existence C. Ontological analysis as purely this worldly; self-disclosure of Dasein as being-in-the-world
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Unformatted text preview: D. Non-relational quality of one’s ownmost potentiality for being E. Angst as attunement to being-toward-death 1. vs. “knowledge” of death 2. dissolution of the they-self caught in falling prey III. The They and Inauthenticity A. “Idle talk” and everydayness B. Avoidance of courage in “indifference” C. “Covering over” as being in untruth/inauthenticity IV. Authentic Being-Toward-Death A. Death is always mine ; individualizes me B. Free for death, and hence for ontic possibilities in life...
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