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Hegel's System and the Concept of Alienation I. Progress of Spirit A. Negativity/war as driving force of history B. The "negation of the negation" II. Finite, or "Unhappy," Consciousness A. Isolation, otherness as threat to conscious spirit; world as alien B. Bondage as particularity & difference without resolution C. Knowledge of other as moment of selfhood brings freedom, "at-homeness"
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Unformatted text preview: III. Hegel's Influence on Existentialism A. Distinction between "in itself' & "for itself' B. Suspended, deferredconsummation; stranded in finite consciousness (KojGve) C. Kierkegaard's individualist protest D. Resistance to totality, completed unity, & absolute knowledge E. Heidegger’ “ontological difference"...
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