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041108 - The Lead-up to War Revolution for nature of...

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4/11/08 The Lead-up to War Revolution for nature of interaction in state system in general Implications of Bolsh Rev for the International system - New ideology with state power o Usual rules between near leaders no longer applied o Anti-capitalist o Anti-free trade (imperialism) o Anti-nationalism - New division in the world: class, not nation (workers vs. bourgeoisie) o Called for world-wide revolution o Rise in communist parties o Threat to other European regimes Open call for overthrow of other governments Governments started to repress their communist parties Fascism grew around a reaction to the emboldened communist parties - New kid on the block: the USSR o From backwards to modern/urban/technologically advanced in single generation o Mass mobilization of citizenry by force o Largest military in Europe o Foreign policy perceived as aggressive
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o Rising ussr power along with rise in US represented a big change in the world power balance 1920s – technology & cultural advance, trade resumed, things back on track - US: major technology advance (capital, peace, investment) o Assembly line (Ford’s Model-T) - made cars cheap enough that workers could by o Rise in multinational corporations (now also produced abroad – helped avoid tariffs) o Skyscrapers Empire State Bldg 1931 new York as world power - Cultural innovation o Social changes Usa Women’s suffrage Jazz Flappers – modern women who wore short dresses, were independent & rebellious
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