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Lecture 03 - Advanced XHTML

Lecture 03 - Advanced XHTML - Advanced XHTML If you want to...

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1 Advanced XHTML INFO/COM S 130: Introductory Web Design and Programming If you want to take the class but can't register due to cap, see Susan Moskwa for waitlist. If you are still having problems logging in or transferring files to the CS130 server or CMS, see us (i.e. Sadat) – Your username must be in lowercase and not have special characters. Late homeworks accepted for 3 days; you lose one-half letter grade per 24 hours. Petitions for exceptional cases can be made. From last time So far we’ve learned about some pretty simple XHTML tags. Comments <p> Welcome to the <em> Liver Lover’s </em> association. <!-- This is a comment --> We hope you enjoy our page. </p>
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2 Hyperlinks Hyperlinks <a href=“ URL ”>anchor text</a> <a href=“http://cs130.cs.cornell.edu> CS/INFO 130 Server</a> CS/INFO 130 Server Absolute URLs Give the entire web address: used to link to outside resources <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/ ">Use Firefox!</a> <a href="http://www.google.com "> Google</a> Relative URLs Used to link within a site <a href="index.html">Home</a> <a href=“People/fred.html">Fred's subpage</a> In Fred's page: <a href="../index.html">Home</a> Why not use “http://www.myco.com/People/ fred.html”?
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