Lecture 03 - Advanced XHTML

Lecture 03 - Advanced XHTML - Advanced XHTML If you want to...

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1 Advanced XHTML INFO/COM S 130: Introductory Web Design and Programming • If you want to take the class but can't register due to cap, see Susan Moskwa for waitlist. • If you are still having problems logging in or transferring files to the CS130 server or CMS, see us (i.e. Sadat) – Your username must be in lowercase and not have special characters. • Late homeworks accepted for 3 days; you lose one-half letter grade per 24 hours. Petitions for exceptional cases can be made. From last time So far we’ve learned about some pretty simple XHTML tags. Comments <p> Welcome to the <em> Liver Lover’s </em> association. <!-- This is a comment --> We hope you enjoy our page. </p>
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2 Hyperlinks Hyperlinks <a href=“ URL ”>anchor text</a> <a href=“http://cs130.cs.cornell.edu> CS/INFO 130 Server</a> CS/INFO 130 Server Absolute URLs Give the entire web address: used to link to outside resources <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/ ">Use Firefox!</a> <a href="http://www.google.com "> Google</a> Relative URLs Used to link within a site <a href="index.html">Home</a> <a href=“People/fred.html">Fred's subpage</a> In Fred's page: <a href=". ./index.html">Home</a> Why not use “http://www.myco.com/People/ fred.html”? Linking into a page
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Lecture 03 - Advanced XHTML - Advanced XHTML If you want to...

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