PSU 006 Diversity Paper

PSU 006 Diversity Paper - PSU 006 Diversity Paper...

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PSU 006 Diversity Paper Throughout a person’s life, one begins to accumulate a number of different identities, showing who that person truly is. Throughout my life, I was able to create an identity for myself. There are many different things that I had to include when trying to figure out my own identity and it wasn’t as easy I thought it would be. I really had to dig deep and try to figure out in what ways I identified myself as more than other things. Finally, I was able to come up with a pie chart to show my identity. I mostly identify myself as a twin, and this is for multiple reasons. On my pie chart, this takes up 13%. This is because I have been a twin my entire life and it had been very prevalent as most things I do are with my twin brother. It has basically become sort of a lifestyle, always having that somebody with you, when most others can’t have someone. I have shared a room with my twin throughout my entire life, and I have gotten used to it. In addition I was lucky enough to have him in just about all of my courses throughout my educational career, including high school and college, so far. Not many people are able to say that they have been to so many different things, through so many different things, and have so much in common with one other person that they are with all the time. For these reasons, being a twin holds the largest spot on my pie chart. I am a man, and I am happy to be one.
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PSU 006 Diversity Paper - PSU 006 Diversity Paper...

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