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Chapter 2 1. Who said, “A dependence on the people is…the primary control on the government; but experience has taught the necessity of auxiliary precautions?” a. James Madison b. Alexander Hamilton c. John Jay d. Thomas Jefferson 2. America started as a. a British colony. b. an independent nation. c. a state within the British Commonwealth. d. a Portuguese colony. 3. All of these factors contributed to the colonial identity crisis except a. an emerging sense of a colonial community b. the concept of republicanism c. heavy British regulation of the colonists. d. the concept of authoritarianism 4. What role did Thomas Paine play in the future of the colonies? a. He denounced King George and the British rule of the colonies. b. He supported King George and his rule on the colonies. c. He encouraged the colonists to secure their independence from Britain. d. Both a and c are correct. 5. The British government levied taxes on the colonies in the 1760s in order to a. financed the French-Indian War. b. increase contact between Britain and the colonies. c. dominate the entire Western Hampshire. d. All of these are correct 6. The Act that gave the British Parliament the authority to make laws binding on colonies in all cases is called the a. Intolerable Act. b. Townsend Revenue Act. c. Declaratory Act of 1766. d. Stamp Act. 7. What did the members of the First Continental Congress achieve? a. They passed a draft of the Declaration of Independence. b. They passed a draft of the Articles of Confederation. c. They passed the Declaration of Resolve. d. They agreed to declare war on Britain.
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8. In which American political document we find the following quotation, “That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed?” a. The American Constitution b. The Articles of Confederation
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Exam+Questions+02 - Chapter 2 1. Who said, "A...

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