PSY311chapter4 - Ch. 4 Why don't attitudes predict behavior...

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Ch. 4 Why don’t attitudes predict behavior Social pressure to say things we don’t feel Social influence to do things that violate our convictions When doing studies, researchers often compare general attitudes to specific behaviors In everyday life, people don’t often reflect on whether or not their attitudes predict their behavior, otherwise we’d be more likely to behave in line with our attitudes Disjuncture between attitudes and actions – moral hypocrisy i.e. Only 5% of participants said that choosing the fun task for themselves over the boring task which would be given to a second participant was the moral thing to do but in reality 80% actually choose the fun task over the boring task, even when given a coin to flip and help themselves choose randomly bogus pipeline – method of deceiving participants into believing a fake lie detector is real by showing them how well it shows their (previously obtained) attitudes in order to get truthful answers out of them when asking new questions Attitudes can predict behavior when… Other influences on behavior are minimal principle of aggregation: A person’s attitude becomes more apparent when we look at a person’s average behavior Attitudes are attributed to a more specific behavior rather than a general one Attitudes are very potent Theory of planned behavior One’s attitudes (i.e. “I’m interested in getting fit”), perceived social norms (i.e. “I see people jogging all the time”), and feelings of control (i.e. “jogging is easy”) together determine one’s intentions which guide behavior
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PSY311chapter4 - Ch. 4 Why don't attitudes predict behavior...

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