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Lecture Summary for IP Innovation Class Professor Sean O’Conner Lecture Title: Intellectual Property Management in Game Industry Guest Lecture: Jason Holtman Student: Amy Zhe Peng Copyright and patent protection has become complicated in the age of the digital dissemination of intellectual property. One of the newest areas in which these rights are being redefined and applied is that of video games. Intellectual property rights (IPR) are an emotionally-charged topic in game development. Some see the potential for aggressive and unethical use of IPR as the single biggest threat to independent game development – let alone the tech and entertainment industries at large. The video game industry continues to soar. In 2004, more than $6.9 billion worth of games were purchased, according to a 2005 report in The New York Times. However, an emerging trend in the video game industry is a lack of intellectual property protection. Industry experts are uncertain why video games seem to be lagging, but
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