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Lecture Summary for - what they have already done themselves So that license is increasing the cost instead of resolving problems The same as the

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Lecture Summary for IP Innovation Class Student: Amy Zhe Peng Lecture IP Business Models Erik Oliver Director of Patent Development Rambus Inc. May 12 2008 University of Washington School of Law Mr. Erick Olive’s lecture told the IP rights in the really world. As a lawyer serves in business, it is important to have the thorough understanding what the law is and it is also important to know how to use this understanding to improve business. License is not just about patent, but also communication. It is true that valid patent rights are the core of a patent license. However, communication guarantees you could make good money on your good patent and have a good business relationship. There some elements making communication in patent license more difficult. Buyers are not notionally happy about the deal. Patents do not have anything tangible. That makes licensee uncomfortable and reluctant to pay. Maybe what the patentee offers them is
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Unformatted text preview: what they have already done themselves. So that license is increasing the cost instead of resolving problems. The same as the principles we learned in Drafting Techniques Contract: even the law is in favor of patentee, it is not a good idea to push a license to hard. First it may result you client unconciousability or patent misuse troubles. Second, maybe your client will lose the business opportunity because the anger of the opposite party. Product development is not just about patent but also about market. Mr. Erik Oliver described “run patents as a product line” as Engineering -Patentable idea- Patent group -Licensable patent –Sales. In this process, the crucial beginning part may turn out wrong in the end. A great and brilliant design does not necessarily work well in market. In that sense, economic incentive does not work for all innovations....
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