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Microsoft ® OneNote 2007 Training OneNote Quick Reference Card OneNote 2007 Screen Keystroke Shortcuts General Open a Section <Ctrl> + <O> Create a New Page <Ctrl> + <N> Print a Page <Ctrl> + <P> Undo <Ctrl> + <Z> Redo <Ctrl> + <Y> Help <F1> Full Page View <F11> Task Pane <Ctrl> + <F1> Create Outlook <Ctrl>+ <Shift> task <1> thru <5> Insert Hyperlink <Ctrl> + <K> E-mail Page <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <E> Select Page <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <A> Navigation Next Section <Ctrl> + <Tab> Previous Section <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Tab> Open New Window <Ctrl> + <M> New Side Note <Ctrl> + <Shift> Window + <M> Text Cut <Ctrl> + <X> Copy <Ctrl> + <C> Paste <Ctrl> + <V> Bold <Ctrl> + <B> Italics <Ctrl> + <I> Underline <Ctrl> + <U> Font Task Pane <Ctrl> + <D> Check Spelling <F7> Tag To Do <Ctrl> + <1> Important <Ctrl> + <2> Question <Ctrl> + <3> Remember for later <Ctrl> + <4> Definition <Ctrl> + <5> Highlight <Ctrl> + <6> Contact <Ctrl> + <7> Address <Ctrl> + <8> Phone number <Ctrl> + <9> The Fundamentals The Standard Toolbar To Create a New Page, Subpage, Section, Section Group or Notebook: Click the New button list arrow on the Standard toolbar or select File New from the menu and select an option from the list. To Show Standard and Formatting Toolbars on Two Rows: Click the Toolbar Options button and select Show Buttons on Two Rows . To Get Help: Press <F1> to open the Help window, type your question and press <Enter> . To Cut or Copy: Select the text and click the Cut button or Copy button on the Standard toolbar, or press <Ctrl> + <X> (cut) or <Ctrl> + <C> (copy). To Paste: Place the insertion point where you want to paste the text, click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar, or press <Ctrl> + <V> . To Move a Note: Click the top bar of the note and drag the note. To move text within a note, click the next to the text and drag the text. To Delete a Note: Select the note and press <Delete> or right-click and select Delete . To Undo: Click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar or press <Ctrl> + <Z> . To Redo: Click the Redo button on the Standard toolbar or press <Ctrl> + <Y> . To Find Text:
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onenote-quick-reference-2007 - Microsoft OneNote 2007...

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