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Chapter 9 - PROTECTING PEOPLE AND INFORMATION - Threats and Safeguards What I consider important in this chapter… This chapter deals with the ethical use of information, and the value and protection of information (see figure 9.1 on page 392). Inappropriate use of information and the two factors that affect how you make a decision when facing an ethical dilemma. guidelines for ethical computer use (key terms - intellectual property, Fair Use Doctrine, and copyright ) Privacy and the ways in which it can be compromised under the following headings: Privacy and other individuals (key term – privacy, key logger software ) Identity Theft Privacy and employees (key term – hardware key logger ) Privacy and consumers (key terms – privacy, cookie, adware, and spyware) Privacy and government agencies Privacy and international trade (key term – safe harbor principles) Laws on privacy Threats to information and how it can be protected.: Security and employees Security and collaboration partners (key term – grid computing ) Security and outside threats (key terms – hacker, virus, and denial-of-service) Security precautions (key terms such as risk management, risk assessment, backup, firewall, intrusion-detection software, encryption, and biometrics ) KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS Adware 407 Anonymous Web browsing (AWB) 407 Antivirus software 421 Biometrics 422 Clickstream 407 Cold site 425 Computer virus 418 Cookie 404 Copyright 397 Counterfeit software 399 Denial-of-service attack (DoS) 418 Disaster recovery plan 425 Encryption 423 Ethics 393 Fair Use Doctrine 397 Firewall 421 Grid computing 415 Hacker 418 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 412 Hot site 425 Intellectual property 397 Page 1 of 8
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Chapter 9 - PROTECTING PEOPLE AND INFORMATION - Threats and Safeguards Intrusion-detection software 424 Key logger (key trapper) software 400 Pirated software 398 Privacy 399 Public key encryption (PKE) 423 Risk assessment 420 Risk management 420 Safe Harbor principles 410 Security auditing software 424 Spam 406 Spyware (sneakerware or stealthware) 407 Trojan-horse software 407 Virus 418 Worm 418 Good opening case study They Know about 96 percent of American Households This case centers on the Acxiom Corporation, in Little Rock, Arkansas, a company that specialized in collecting, maintaining, and selling information on consumers to other businesses, mainly for marketing purposes. The company has 20 billion records on 110 million people or 96% of U.S. households. This is a good case to highlight the need of business for information versus the need of people for privacy. Chapter details ETHICS People are the most important part of any IT system – the people who use it and those who are affected by it. Key Points and Terms:
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chapter_09_Notes - Chapter 9 - PROTECTING PEOPLE AND...

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