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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 8 - Theory Chapter 8 - Emerging Trends and Technologies Business, People, and Technology Tomorrow Theory chapter 8 - EMERGING TRENDS AND TECHNOLOGIES - Business, People, and Technology Tomorrow What I consider important in this chapter. This chapter is a whirlwind tour of emerging trends and technologies. It presents a list of high-profile topics, trends and technologies. The focus should be on the application of the technology and not the technology. free Internet phone calls push technology , renting personal productivity software from ASPs, and information supplier convergence. automatic speech recognition, virtual reality, CAVEs , and biometrics . Digital cash, wearable computers, multi-state CPUs , and holographic storage devices . C2C e-commerce and the broadening of e-government. Closing the great digital divide, using technology for the betterment of society, and ethics. Chapter content THE CHANGING INTERNET (p. 359) 1. Free Internet Phone Calls 2. Push, Not Pull Technologies and Personalization 3. Renting Software from Application Service Providers 4. Information Supplier Convergence PHYSIOLOGICAL INTERACTION (p. 363) 1. Automatic Speech Recognition 2. Virtual Reality 3. Cave Automatic Virtual Environments 4. Biometrics INCREASING PORTABILITY AND MOBILITY (p. 370) 1. Digital Cash 2. Wearable Computers 3. Multi-State CPUs and Holographic Storage Devices REBIRTH OF E-COMMERCE (p. 374) 1. Explosion of C2C E-Commerce 2. Broadening of E-Government MOST IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS (p. 377) 1. The Necessity of Technology 2. Closing the Great Digital Divide 3. Technology for the Betterment of Society 4. Exchanging Privacy for Convenience 5. Ethics, Ethics, Ethics. Page 1 of 8 CHAPTER 8 - Theory Chapter 8 - Emerging Trends and Technologies Business, People, and Technology Tomorrow KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS Automatic speech recognition (ASR) 364 Biochip 370 Biometrics 367 CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment) 364 Click-and-mortar 377 Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce 374 Digital cash (electronic cash, e-cash) 371 Facial recognition software 370 Feature analysis 364 Glove 364 Government-to-business (G2B) 375 Government-to-consumer (G2C) 375 Government-to-government (G2G, intra-G2G) 375 Headset 364 Holographic device 364 Holographic storage device 373 Implant chip 370 International government-to-government (IG2G) 375 Language processing 364 Multi-state CPU 373 Pattern classification 364 Push technology 360 Virtual reality 364 Walker 364 Wearable computer 372 OPENING CASE STUDY The Future: Technology Out, Pringles In This case study provides a great opening to a chapter on emerging trends, technologies, and emerging uses of technology....
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chapter_08_Notes - CHAPTER 8 - Theory Chapter 8 - Emerging...

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