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Chapter 6. Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence – Brainpower for Your Business”. What I consider key to this chapter: Computer-aided decision support has two major categories: systems that help you analyze and those that make the decision for you. The latter includes the various types of artificial intelligence systems. Decision types and the process of decision making. It includes key terms such as structured decision, nonstructured decision, recurring decision, nonrecurring decision, intelligence, design, choice, and implementation . Three types of decision support that aid in the analysis of information: o Decision support systems o Collaboration systems o Geographic information systems. These sections include key terms such as model management, data management, collaboration system, and geographic information system. Artificial intelligence (key term – robot ) o Expert systems (key terms – domain expertise, knowledge engineer, knowledge base, and rule-based system ) o Neural networks (key terms – neural network, self-organizing neural network and back- propagation neural network o Genetic algorithms (key terms – genetic algorithm, selection, crossover, and mutation ) o Intelligent agents (key terms – shopping bot, user agent, monitoring-and-surveillance agent, data-mining agent, autonomy, adaptivity, and sociability ) KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS Ad hoc decision 202 Adaptive filtering 226 Artificial intelligence 211 Artificial neural network (ANN) 218 Back-propagation neural network 220 Buyer agent 225 Choice 201 Collaboration software 206 Collaboration system 206 Collaborative filtering 225 Crossover 222 Data mining agent 228 Decision support system (DSS) 202 Design 201 Domain expert 216 Domain expertise 216 Expert system 213 Explanation module 217 Genetic algorithm 222 Page 1 of 8
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Chapter 6. Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence – Brainpower for Your Business”. Geographic information system (GIS) 209 Implementation 201 Inference engine 216 Intelligence 201 Intelligent agent 224 Knowledge acquisition 216 Knowledge base 216 Knowledge-based system 213 Knowledge engineer 216 Model management 205 Monitoring-and-surveillance agent 227 Mutation 222 Neural network (artificial neural network, ANN) 218 Nonrecurring decision 202 Nonstructured decision 202 Personal agent 226 Predictive agent 227 Profile filtering 226 Psychographic filtering 226 Recurring decision 202 Robot 212 Rule-based expert system 216 Selection 222 Self-organizing neural network 220 Semistructured decision 202 Shopping bot 225 Structured decision 201 User agent 226 User interface 217 Good opening case study Using Business Intelligence Solution to Achieve Greater Financial and Operational Efficiencies The opening case study describes how Black Photo Corporation, the largest photographic retailer in Canada, used a business intelligence tool (provided by Intellera, a Montreal-based company) to better analyze the sales in its 180 stores. Usage of the application help significantly increase both the efficiency of
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chapter_06_Notes - Chapter 6. Decision Support and...

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