Homework 7 - Chia Yu (Joy) Liu ENGRI 127 Section 2 Homework...

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Chia Yu (Joy) Liu ENGRI 127 Section 2 Homework #7 1. Part A: My basic responsibilities are to improve the environment, to work towards healthy water and air. To do so, I monitor the water and air discharges at the plant and write reports that are submitted to the Department of Natural Resources. This case raises an ethical dilemma: it involves the choice between an unethical behavior that is beneficial to my plant and an ethical behavior that might cost investment, reputation, a place among the competitors, and even jobs. I should refuse to “adjust” the data because I believe that I should abide by my duty as an environmental engineer. The legal limitations are set for a reason. As it is already unhealthy to have plant discharges flowing into the environment, more discharges simply post more threat to the environment and the lives it contains. A slight excess may seem trivial at the beginning, but over time, it cumulates and turns into a significant excess. Besides, I’d have put the plant into a more dangerous situation if I fabricated the data: the costs of fines and reputation are huge if the plant were to get caught! Part B: From the perspective of a plant manager and chief executive officer of my plant, I’d agree to the rejection of fabricating data, considering this is more beneficial to the plant in the long run. However, if I were an environmental engineer or plant manager from a competing company, I’d like my opponent to fabricate its data and get caught right away – just to eliminate a competitor from the market while not getting too much plant discharges into the environment. On
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Homework 7 - Chia Yu (Joy) Liu ENGRI 127 Section 2 Homework...

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