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homework #11 yi - Chia Yu (Joy) Liu ENGRI 127 Section 2...

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Chia Yu (Joy) Liu ENGRI 127 Section 2 Homework #11 1. Benefits of cobranding: - The positive image associated with each company will help sell the product - The companies’ brands are being strengthened by promoting each other - As a result, the companies’ sales may increase, and demand for their products may rise Examples: - AT&T Universal Master Card - Coach edition of the Lexus ES series - Eddie Bauer edition of the Ford Explorer 2. Position: backed with “fluffy love” and “serious technology”, “a canine sharing application that's truly gone to the dogs”. Target market: caring, loving dog owners who’d like to share their enthusiasm about pets on the internet; and passionate, sympathetic dog lovers who surf the internet and are looking for dog adoptions. Branding: promotes the loving, caring, big-warm-family image, along with a knowledgeable and technological impression. Service: a pet destination that allows dog lovers to share their common passion online through pictures and uploads of their pets, discussions, exchanging of knowledge, etc. The website also provides tons of information on dogs and helps set up dog adoptions. Price: for free! (The firm makes a profit by posting ads for various advertisers on its website) Place: online. Promotion: advertise through online viral marketing and sponsorships. 3. The Court’s Ruling: I think the court approved the patent.
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Discussion Questions: 1). I’m more included to side with Smucker’s point of view. The Uncrustables is unique in its process of making; it’d be unfair if others were to invest a lot less time, effort, and resources and simply to imitate Smucker’s product. 2).
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homework #11 yi - Chia Yu (Joy) Liu ENGRI 127 Section 2...

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