hw 11 - Yi Liu ENGRI 127 Homework # 11 Section 4 1. The...

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Yi Liu ENGRI 127 Homework # 11 Section 4 1. The cobranding relationship refers to a relationship between two or more firms where the firms’ brands promote each other. The benefits of cobranding relationship include: the companies’ brands will be strengthened; the positive image of each company will increase the companies’ sales and demand for their products. A successful example of co-branding is the Senseo coffeemaker, which associates the Philips made appliances with specific coffee brand of Douwe Egberts. Other examples include the alliance of the BeerTender in-home draft system, sold by Krups with the specific brand of [Heineken]] (beer), and the marketing of Gillette M3 Power shaving equipment (which require batteries) with Duracell batteries (both brands owned by Procter & Gamble). 2. Position: a canine sharing application that's truly gone to the dogs backed with “fluffy love” and “serious technology”. Target market: loving dog owners who want to share their enthusiasm about pets on the internet and passionate, sympathetic dog lovers who are looking for dog adoptions. Branding: promotes the caring and warm family image and technological impression. Service: allows dog lovers to share their common passion online through pictures and provides a lot of information on dogs and helps set up dog adoptions. Price: for free.
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Place: online. Promotion: advertise through online marketing and sponsorships.
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hw 11 - Yi Liu ENGRI 127 Homework # 11 Section 4 1. The...

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