BLS 9 - Jackson v. Connecticut Lottery Corporation Facts: o...

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Jackson v. Connecticut Lottery Corporation Facts : o Jackson bought a Connecticut Lotto “Quick Pick” ticket for the drawing of October 13, 1995 and won, but claimed his prize in person three days after the final day allowed to claim the prize o Ticket back provided instructions for claiming the prize online and included warning that “Prize must be claimed within one year from the drawing date.” o Connecticut Lottery Corporation (CLC) denied Jackson’s claim because one-year had elapsed o Jackson sued for breach of contract Threshold Issue: Is the lotto ticket a contract? Trial Court Ruling : o The parties did enter into a valid, unilateral contract through the purchase of a Lotto ticket CLC made a prize offer, Jackson accepted that offer Consideration ($) supported the contract. CLC’s consideration was in the form of its promise to pay the prize money upon the fulfillment of the conditions of the contract. o The one-year presentment rule was incorporated into the contract regardless whether Jackson knew of it o Public policy: without the claim period the regulatory scheme of the lottery system would be compromised Motion for summary judgment granted Pass v. Shelby Aviation Facts: o Max Pass owned and piloted a single engine Piper airplane. Couple flew into turbulence, Pass lost control of plane and it crashed into the ground in Alabama, killing them. o
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BLS 9 - Jackson v. Connecticut Lottery Corporation Facts: o...

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