bls13 - Rodi v. Southern New England School of Law: Facts:...

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Facts: o Rodi went to Southern New England School of Law (SNESL) which claimed that the ABA accreditation committee had recommended SNESL for “provisional accreditation.” The recruitment letter claimed provisional accreditation, but the SNESL carried a disclaimer about accreditation. Disclaimer about accreditation in catalogue Rodi intended to take New Jersey bar exam and the law requires bar applicants to hold law degrees from ABA accredited law schools Accreditation critically important to Rodi o ABA denied accreditation during Rodi’s first year; Dean urged Rodi to remain o Rodi graduated, SNESL remained unaccredited, and Rodi was ineligible to sit for the New Jersey bar examination o Rodi filed suit against SNESL and others alleging fraudulent misrepresentation o Court granted SNESL motion to dismiss Issue and Legal Reasoning: o Had Rodi failed to state a claim? o Despite catalogue disclaimer, if SNESL representatives knew of non-accreditation probability, then positive statements about the likelihood of SNESL’s accreditation were actionably misleading o Reversed and remanded in favor of Rodi Estate of Nelson vs. Rice Facts: Newman and Franz were appointed co personal representatives of Nelson's estate. They hired Judith Mckenzie Larson to appraise the estate's personal property in preparation for a sale. She told them she did not appraise fine art and that if she saw any they would need to hire an addititional appraiser . She did not report finding any, and relying on her silence and her appraisal, Newman and
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bls13 - Rodi v. Southern New England School of Law: Facts:...

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