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Homework 1 - Matthew Weiner BA 302 Homework 1 1 When you...

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Matthew Weiner BA 302 Homework 1 1) When you buy soda in a convenience store, there are many stages that take place in the supply chain. First the components are drawn together and raw material suppliers send the materials to the manufactures. The next step consists of the manufactures that send the product to wholesalers and distributors. These wholesalers and distributors send the product to different retail stores. The retailers sell the product to the customers. This supply chain is connected through a flow of product. 3) a) Location, modes of transportation, and products to made or stored are some strategic concerns to Gap. They are also concerned with outsourcing clothing manufacturing. b) Forecasting the clothing demand in each location over the next year, and planning to build the inventories accordingly are mandatory objectives for the Gap. This may include uncertainty in demand, exchange rates and competition.
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