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Ling Final Paper - Greg Narayan Linguistics 109 Wayne...

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Greg Narayan Linguistics 109 Wayne Harbert Final Essay April 2007 Every year our country receives hundreds of thousands of immigrants from around the world who seek to find success and prosperity in our rich American environment. Foreign immigrants establish themselves in communities throughout the United States, and strive to find a firm foundation from which they can spread ideas and beliefs, increase support for their cultures and traditions, and ensure the success of following generations. One cannot deny the vast impact foreign cultures have had on the culture we call “American” today. However of the many regions of the globe which have planted their seed in America and seek success academically, socially, and economically, one group stands out for its overwhelmingly large contributions. Indian immigrants and their descendants are one of the largest represented groups within the United States, and have earned their place at the top of academic and financial charts due to their dedication to hard work and passion for spreading native culture in communities were they reside. Their prominence in American schools, jobs, politics, and media is undeniable, and their growing presence has resulted in a large contribution on their part to our language, culture, and society in general. Native born Indians and their following generations have become a major force in the United States’ academic and economic world over the past two decades. While it may be easy to underestimate the contributions of Indians in nearly all aspects of our society due to the presence of a wide variety of other races within the country, Indians in the past twenty or so years have planted themselves firmly in top academic institutions throughout the country. Beginning in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the mass Indian diaspora to the United States has created effects which ripple throughout society today (1). Young Indian immigrants arrived on the shores of the United States as many do today with educational backgrounds from the top Indian institutions for higher learning that reflect years upon years of rigorous work needed to succeed in their cutthroat
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This essay was uploaded on 09/20/2007 for the course LING 1109 taught by Professor Harbert, w during the Spring '07 term at Cornell.

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Ling Final Paper - Greg Narayan Linguistics 109 Wayne...

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