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ws15_Oct18 - MATH 1501 In~Class Worksheet#15 1 Print your...

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Unformatted text preview: MATH 1501 In~Class Worksheet #15 October 18, 2007 1. Print your full name. 0% S W 2. Sign your name. 3. Circle your TA’S name. T1 & PTP Huy Huynh T2 Sarah Kuhns T3 Ramazan Tinaztepe T4 I Brian Hales 4. We know that if f is continuous on [a, b] , then it is integrable on [a, b] . Descrihe the behavior of a function g that is integrable 0n [(1, b] but is n_ot continuous on [51, b] . £2; Weflismrfi 0’” (PIP-266~26¥. W éaémgéga Jflfls Q/‘f‘ - $0575 ca “iii “mite We??? 0% WL‘M_ }.€. g W59 QMCQW MW ...
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