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Practice Test 2.5 - (6(10 points You are an employee of the...

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Unformatted text preview: (6.) (10 points) You are an employee of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and are concerned that the average age of red pine stands in your management area is above the average for the rest of the state, indicating you might need to spend more money in the coming years thinning/harvesting/replanting these stands when compared to other areas of the state. The offices in Madison report that the average age of red pine stands in the state of Wisconsin is 46.4 years. A random sample of 15 stands from your area yielded an average age of 61.2 years and a standard deviation, calculated from the sample, of 12.5 years. Please correctly test your hypothesis at u=0.05, being sure to state your hypotheses and to draw a complete conclusion. H0; a = 46.4years H1; ,u > 46.4years a=0.05 [MIC = (61.2 — 46.4)/( I 2.5 divided by the square root 0f15) = 4.58 rm, = the 95th percentile of the tdistribution with 14 degrees of freedom at 01:0. 05 = 1. 771 Therefore, we reject the null hypothesis, data indicate the average age or red pine stands in your area exceeds the statewide average of 46.4 years. ...
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