APBiology- Classification Photo Story Project

APBiology- Classification Photo Story Project -...

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Domain Kingdom Other Taxa (Phyla, Divisions, subphyla or classes) Defining Characteristics per Campbell At least 2 common examples of organisms in each taxa Archaea 1. extremophiles 2. cell walls w/ no peptidoglycan Halobacterium, Halococcus Bacteria 1. common environment 2. cell walls w/ peptidoglycan Helicobacter pylori, Bacillus anthracis Eukarya 1. Membrane-bound organelles 2. Nucleus with linear DNA Goldfish, Cockroach Protista All Eukaryotes Paramecium, Ulva Diplomonadid- Parabasalid 1. Secondary loss of mitochondria 2. Two separate nuclei 3. Undulating membrane Giardia lamblia, Histomonas meleagridis Euglenzoa 1. Photosynthetic 2. heterotrophic 3. Mixotrophic flagellates 4. Kinetoplast 5. Paramylon as storage polysaccharide Kinetoplastids, euglenids Alveolata 1. Subsurface alveoli
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Unformatted text preview: (membrane-bound cavities) 2. Cellulose plates 3. Cilia functions in moving and feeding 4. Apical complex functioning in penetration of host cells Dinoflagellate, Ciliates Strameopila 1. "Hairy" flagella 2. Hyphae that absorb nutrients 3. Two part walls 4. Biflagellete cells 5. Xanthophyll pigments 6. Brown color Brown and green algae, water molds Rhodophyta 1. No flagellated stages 2. Phycoerythrin pigment Seaweed, red algae Viridiplantae 1. Plant-type chloroplasts Green algae, stone worts Mycetozoa 1. Decomposers having complex life cycles with amoeboid stages\ 2. amoeboid feeding cells that aggregate to form reproductive colonies Acrasidae, Dictyosteliida...
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APBiology- Classification Photo Story Project -...

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